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Pushing to Save Lives – Pram Jam

Pram Jam participants from 2016



Mercy Health Foundation will hold their annual fundraising event, Pram Jam , from Monday November 20 to Sunday November 26. It seeks to raise awareness for still birth and complications from babies being born prematurely.


Pram Jam is a walkathon-style fundraiser which calls on new mums and dads, their family members, friends and colleagues to push their pram, walk or run any distance; and asks that others sponsor them online to raise funds for Mercy Perinatal to support ongoing care, research, education and treatments to advance the health and wellbeing of mums and babies across the country.


In its inaugural year, 2016, Pram Jam exceeded all expectations by raising over $114,000 for Mercy Perinatal.


The event calls on participants to walk, run or push their distance around Australia at any given time within the designated week in November.


Around one in 130 Australian pregnancies end in stillbirth and world-wide premature birth remains the number one killer of children under five years old.


Mercy Hospital for Women Obstetrician and Gynaecologist Teresa MacDonald has led a study which demonstrated that babies of an appropriate weight that show a slowing of growth in late pregnancy may also be suffering placental insufficiency – potentially placing them at increased risk of stillbirth.


“The findings from our research not only show for the first time that normal sized babies with slower third-trimester growth are suffering placental insufficiency, but it also allows clinicians to identify a previously unrecognised cohort of babies that are potentially at risk of stillbirth,” Dr MacDonald said.


“Now everyone involved in antenatal care has a new clinical red flag to look out for to better identify babies who should be more closely monitored during pregnancy.”


The significance of the findings, published in the journal BMC Medicine, highlights the importance of ongoing pregnancy-related research. Funding for this area is often reliant on community initiatives like the Mercy Health Foundation’s Pram Jam.


You are invited to join in this worthwhile cause and have fun at the same time.



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