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Perth Congregation seeks care co-ordinator


POSITION TITLE: Care Co-ordinator – Sisters of Mercy

DEPARTMENT: Sisters of Mercy Congregation

STIPEND: To be negotiated

REPORTS TO: Congregation Leader Management Aged Care

The Co-ordinator is primarily responsible for providing compassionate support to Sisters of Mercy who reside or receive services from the Division of Mercy Aged Care. The position is responsible for overseeing the efficient management of services supporting the Sisters, including salaried and volunteer staff (and the day to day management of the Sisters’ financial transactions). This position includes community visiting of the Sisters in Residential Aged Care, including travelling to metropolitan hospitals/health clinics as required.

2.1 Mission
2.2 Teamwork
2.3 Quality
2.4 Occupational Safety & Health
2.5 Management
2.6 Other

3.1 Mission & Philosophy
3.1.1 Act in a manner that is congruent with the Mission of the Sisters of Mercy and within the context of Catholic tradition.
3.2 Team Work
3.2.1 Promote and foster team work with Family Representatives, Spiritual Support Leader and volunteer staff.
3.2.2 Be a role model and mentor to other members of the support team.
3.2.3 Actively contribute to creating and maintaining a supportive team environment.
3.2.4 Liaise with staff within the Division of Mercy Aged Care to ensure consistency of care and support.
3.2.5 Liaise with the Congregation Leader and the Council.
3.3 Quality
3.3.1 Participate in, contribute to, and implement quality improvement ideas and principles within the Division of Mercy Aged Care on behalf of the Sisters.
3.3.2 Recommend and implement strategies for improving the quality of the Sisters’ care.
3.3.3 Ensure appropriate skill mix and competency levels of support staff are maintained.
3.4 Occupational Safety & Health
3.4.1 Adhere to requirements of the Occupational Safety and Health Legislation and Infection Control Guidelines.
3.5 Management Functions
3.5.1 In conjunction with the Aged Care Spiritual Support Leader, identify, co-ordinate and document emotional, pastoral and religious services to appropriately support the Sisters to live full and meaningful lives.
3.5.2 Attend to the performance management and rosters of the Support Staff.
3.5.3 Recruit and select appropriately qualified personnel in co-ordination with the Congregation Leader.
3.5.4 Identify, formulate and revise Policies, Procedures and Guidelines as necessary to ensure consistency of support to the Sisters.
3.5.5 Liaise with and support the activities of the care staff within the Division of Mercy Aged Care in relation to support of the Sisters.
3.5.6 Liaise with the Manager of Residential Aged Care and with the Congregation Leader, in relation to admissions, discharges, transfers and assessments of Sisters within the Division of Mercy Aged Care.
3.5.7 Attend meetings with the Congregation and Mercy Aged Care Executive as required.
3.6 Other
3.6.1 Demonstrate a genuine understanding and respect for the Sisters as both women and members of a religious congregation.
3.6.2 Actively participate in religious celebrations and activities within the Aged Care Community.
3.6.3 Comply with all Policies and Procedures within the Division of Aged Care, including requirements for Accreditation, and legislation covering aged care services.

4.1 Family Representatives staff.
4.2 Care volunteers.

5.1 Performance Management
5.2 Confidentiality
5.3 Policies and Procedures
5.4 Equal Employment Opportunity
5.5 Development
5.6 Personal Effectiveness

5.1 Performance Management
5.1.1 Upon satisfactory completion of the three (3) month probationary period formal substantiation of the employment contract shall be made and agreed to in writing by both parties.
5.1.2 Proactively and positively participate in an Annual Review by reflecting on the achievements and processes of the past 12 months.
5.1.3 At the Annual Review, plan training and development opportunities for each Member of the Staff.

5.2 Confidentiality
5.2.1 Maintain confidentiality of all information in accordance with the Mercy Community Services – Confidentiality Policy. 5.2.2 Treat as confidential, information about residents, staff and the Aged Care facility and the Congregation of the Sisters of Mercy.

5.3 Policies and Procedures
5.3.1 Understand and comply with the Mercy Community Services Policies and Procedures.
5.3.2 Understand and comply with Infection Control, Aged Care Policies and Procedures.
5.3.3 Act within the Congregation Leadership Policy and Procedure pertaining to Pastoral Care of the Sisters.

5.4 Equal Employment Opportunity
5.4.1 Understand and participate in promoting Equal Opportunity Legislation.

5.5 Development
5.5.1 Proactively attend and participate in personal and professional development programs, seminars as appropriate and required in order to maintain current best practice effectiveness in area of speciality.

5.6 Personal Effectiveness
5.6.1 Attend and participate in any training sessions offered by Mercy Aged Care. Recognise the necessity to continually develop skills and acquire additional knowledge appropriate to the position.
5.6.2 Dress appropriate to the expectations of the specific work area and Occupational Safety and Health requirements.

Position Title: Aged Care Co-ordinator – Sisters of Mercy Responsible to: Congregation Leader of the Sisters of Mercy Perth Management Mercy Aged Care

“¢ Experience in Aged Care Services.
“¢ Nursing background is preferable.

2.1 Advanced report writing skills.
2.2 Communicates clearly and sensitively with older people. 2.3 Ability to build strong professional relationships with health professionals and members of the Pastoral Care and the Sisters of Mercy Congregation Leadership Team.

3.1 Ability to uphold and promote the Mission and Values of the Congregation.
3.2 Aged Care management skills.
3.3 Previous experience in senior nursing position an advantage.
3.4 Leadership qualities and commitment to team building. 3.5 Knowledge of current nursing practice in relation to care of the aged.
3.6 Committed to quality client care and customer satisfaction.
3.7 Experience in working with members of a religious community an advantage.

4.1 Federal Police Clearance.
4.2 Drivers License