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Padua Community Works to Close the Gap

The Art in the Spirit Class of 2017 with the mural


Padua College’s Art in the Spirit Class of 2017 has worked in collaboration with Bailey Mereszko from the Year 12 Catholic Action Program to create a strong visual statement representing the commitment of the Padua community to Closing the Gap so to create a fairer and more equitable future for all Australians.


Oxfam Australia’s Closing the Gap campaign says: “Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people can expect to live 10–17 years less than other Australians. Babies born to Aboriginal mothers die at more than twice the rate of other Australian babies, and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people experience higher rates of preventable illness such as heart disease, kidney disease and diabetes”.


The Art in The Spirit students want this mural to be an interactive artwork for future students to connect with and develop.


The Reconciliation Mural is the first chapter in an evolving story that will continue to bring about awareness of the need to unite and bring all our stories together. This mural will form part of the Padua story and its commitment to stronger relationships, and shared prosperity for all Australians.


Edward Church, Year 12, putting on the finishing touches


Padua College is part of Mercy Education Limited and is located in Mornington, Victoria.

Messages to: Marcelle Ryan, Padua