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OSMercy Philippines hospital film fundraiser

Supported by the Australian Sisters of Mercy, OSMercy is a small, not-for-profit group of young people concerned for social justice in the local and international communities.


They are a small group of around 10 members, with representatives in Adelaide, Perth, Melbourne and rural Victoria. 


OSMercy is raising money to help the Mercy community in the Philippines build a hospital. The South Australian members are holding a Film Fundraiser. Please support them by attending…


Scott Hicks’ new film

No Reservations

Starring Catherine Zeta Jones

Based on the German language Mostly Martha


Sunday September 2

2:00 pm, Palace Cinema, Rundle Street


Tickets $15


All the money raised at this Film Fundraiser will go towards the hospital, managed by a team of Filipino nationals who are in charge of the building project in Tacloban City, Philippines. This hospital will have a huge impact on the local community, improving health services, increasing the capacity of medical staff training and act as a base for community education and health promotion programmes.


Please share this information with family and friends!


PLEASE NOTE: you must contact Joseph Scales and book tickets on phone: 0407 610 009 or email