Introduction to Governance within ISMAPNG and its Ministries: Induction for New Directors, Board Sub-committee Members and Senior Leaders

Monday, 22 March 2021
1.00pm – 4.15pm AEDT (via Zoom)


In the context of principles of good governance and relevant legislation, this seminar will provide new Board Directors, Board sub-committee members and Senior Leaders with an overview of their canonical and civil governance responsibilities in undertaking the ministry of governance. Current developments in the governance of ministries within ISMAPNG will also be addressed. Case Studies will be explored and opportunities provided to address issues of interest to participants.


Presenters: Jonathan Campton (ISMAPNG Executive Officer, Ministry Governance); Helen Delaney rsm (Canon lawyer and former Congregation Leader); Nicki Patten (Director, Standards and Legal for ISMAPNG) and Annette Schneider rsm (ISMAPNG Governance Formation Coordinator).


Registration fee: $15

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