Archived News Item

One Origin:One Vision:One Mission’


  • This image puts emphasis on our common origin as Sisters of Mercy, irrespective of our individual foundations and cultural stories.
  • The figure reaching out as if to embrace Australia and Papua New Guinea could be our Catherine, whose encouragement to her sisters found expression in the words, so typical of her – ‘Hurrah for foundations!’
  • Though well on in years Catherine McAuley was not fearful of going forward into the Unknown, urged on as she was by her love for the poor and the marginalized, wherever that might lead her.
  • Or likewise, this figure could represent any one of those Spirit-filled women who left their Homeland to face, like Catherine, in faith, whatever lay before her.  Perhaps, as Patrick of Long Ago, they heard the cries of the Needy begging them to bring their message of Hope, and the Love of a God of Mercy.
  • The Mercy Cross is here given a Celtic touch, our true origins going far beyond nineteenth century Dublin and Catherine McAuley.
  • Finally the ocean waves are a reminder, not only of the courage of our Australian Mercy foundresses in crossing the seas to this Land of the Holy Spirit, but also of those amongst us who also have left homeland and friends to carry to other lands God’s message of Mercy.

     Anne Drover RSM
    North Sydney