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One Mercy Mission Events in Sydney and Melbourne

An attendee with Jonathan Campton and Caroline Ryan RSM


The Institute Leadership Team hosted two ‘One Mercy Mission’ events in September to discuss governance opportunities in relation to the Institute and its ministries. Members of the public were invited to attend the wine and cheese style evenings in Melbourne and Sydney to meet with the ILT, Institute staff and representatives from our Ministries.


Attendees were given an overview of the Institute’s ministries and invited to discuss governance opportunities as board directors and committee members. Both evenings were well attended and we will now progress with interested parties to provide an expression of interest for future governance opportunities. It was wonderful to meet many women and men that held dearly to experiences within Mercy and now looked for ways to give back so that our ministries may continue to flourish.


If you are interested in finding out more about governance opportunities with the Institute, please contact Jonathan Campton, Executive Officer, Ministry Governance


Ellen Geraghty with an attendee


Eveline Crotty RSM and Jonathan Campton with an attendee


Attendees as the event