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Once Upon A Time… Telling a New Story at Rahamim Ecology Centre


Who doesn’t love a good story! Most of us would have been lucky enough to have cut our teeth on stories read to us by a parent or grandparent, and we all have our favourites, whether they are found in books, films, or family legends.


Stories stimulate our imagination and help us make meaning of our lives. Some even shape our societies and cultures, and guide our education, commerce and law-making systems.


There is one story which has come into our consciousness for the first time during the lifetime of our generation. It is a new story about the place of humans in creation, our interconnectedness with everything around us, and the common origin and dignity of all life on Earth.


This story, along with the Mercy Story, is the soul of Rahamim Ecology Centre. A ministry of ISMAPNG, Rahamim is at the heart of the Institute’s broader ecological effort as a centre of education, spirituality and advocacy rooted in this new, shared story.


Set on an evocative 10 acre site in Bathurst, NSW, with a view of the Blue Mountains, the building which houses Rahamim was once the novitiate of the Bathurst Mercy congregation. Now a hub for best practice in sustainability and spiritual ecology, the site includes spaces and accommodation for retreats and workshops, nestled among installations such as organic community vegetable gardens, biodiversity spaces and water sensitive urban design.


Over the next few issues of Just Mercy, we will be sharing our work with you by weaving stories around each of the 7 key areas of the recently launched ISMAPNG sustainability policy (‘An Integrated Approach to Sustainable Living’).

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27 February 2017