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NSW Mercy leadership teams meet

How important it is that we learn from the Sacred Story of our evolutionary universe,
just as we have learned our cultural/religious stories.
(Sister Mary Southard, Spiritearth, 1994)

On Thursday November 6, the NSW Mercy Leadership Teams met for a workshop at the Convent of Mercy, Parramatta. The workshop, led by Sister Anne Boyd CSB, Co-ordinator of Earthsong (based in Melbourne) was entitled: Religious Women – Prophets in a time of Ecological Crisis.

Anne engaged the group in an exploration of “our role as we become elders in our society and respond to the signs of our times from the perspective of the God within, the Ground of all Being”.

Earthsong is a project sponsored by seven religious congregations, including the Mercy Congregations of Ballarat East and Melbourne. It is located at Treacy Centre, 126 The Avenue, Parkville Victoria 3052. You can view its website at:

To tell the story of anything
You have to tell the story of everything.
(Thomas Berry)

From: Sister Shirley Garland RSM