Archived News Item

New website for Sisters of Mercy

Over 100 Sisters of Mercy and their colleagues witnessed the launch of the Institute’s new website during a gathering of Mercy leaders in Geelong, Victoria last week (October 17, 2007). While the launch happened physically in Geelong, the amazing technology incorporated into the new site allowed the event to be broadcast live onto the computers of Sisters of Mercy throughout Australia.

Speaking at the launch, Institute President Sister Nerida Tinkler said: “our new website represents an extraordinary and wonderful feat demonstrating the use of cutting edge technology! It is indeed a rich avenue for our contemporary mission of mercy, and in this we rejoice and experience hope and great excitement.

“Congratulations, particularly to Sister Adele Howard and all the staff of Fraynework Multimedia, for the work of your minds and hands and especially your mercy hearts in building this most attractive and user-friendly website,” she said.

Sister Adele Howard RSM, Director of Fraynework Multimedia, said her production team had tried to be faithful to the requests of sisters to develop a website that was interactive and story- based, mission focussed and alive.

“Today we are launching not just a new website,” she said, “but an online communication facility for the Institute of Sisters of Mercy of Australia.”

Adele explained that the website uses the highest levels of new technology, together with the cutting edge of multimedia.

“This facility includes a new public website, a new intranet, a content management system, a webmail service and a video conferencing facility. It also has the capacity for video story-telling, a music player, a conversation space through the blog facility and a prayer environment in the spirituality section,” she said.

Launching the site, Nerida prayed the following prayer:

Prayer to launch new Institute website
Living Word of God
sounding throughout the universe,
re-sounding in our hearts,
we pray to you with gratitude
for the variety of gifts and graces among those
who have co-operated with your creative genius
in developing this website…

May this new, dynamic instrument of communication
be a sacred means
of engaging the world with your Mercy;
of exciting people everywhere with Catherine’s story
as it continues to unfold in our time and place;
of animating everyone in our Institute
towards that true unity of mind and heart
reflective of your own communal life of love.

We pray now with
Faith in your ever-revealing presence,
Hope in your providence,
And love for your wisdom.