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New Online Course from Rahamim Ecology Centre

Body Prayer at Rahamim Ecology Centre


Rahamim is now delivering online courses on a range of sustainability, ecology and spirituality topics.


Rahamim’s first and completely free online course is on Body Prayer. Drawing from many people and different ancient traditions around the world, Sr Miriam MacGillis (of Genesis Farm, New Jersey) designed this form of prayer or meditation involving movements of the body similar to Tai Chi or Qi Gong.


The purpose of Body Prayer is to encourage us to pray with our whole being. It is also a way of stilling the mind and opening the heart to the Divine. Prayed outside, it reminds us we are one with the whole of creation in our prayer and praise and thankfulness for existence.


This beautiful spiritual practice, once practiced each morning at Genesis Farm, honours the body, the seasons, the four directions and our place in the whole universe. It combines movement with intention to welcome the day.


This short 1-2 hour long online course is designed for anyone who wishes to learn more about Body Prayer, or even to teach it to others. It is a spiritual practice that can be adapted to suit any person’s worldview or religious background, which is what makes it so universally loved by many practitioners.


“As I see it, it’s a practice that really enables people to move into an experience, remembering their interconnectedness with all of the community of life…and in other words it’s a great reminder for us of our ecological identity.” – Sally Neaves


You can do this course for free in 2019 by registering you interest on our sales page:


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