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New “˜friendlier’ format for much appreciated book

With Catherine, My Spirit Mother, a book by Sister Marie Gaudry RSM (Parramatta Congregation), first published in 1999 and much appreciated throughout the Mercy world, has just been revised and reprinted in a new, “˜friendlier’ and more compact format. Read Marie’s comments about the new issue and obtain an order form.

From Sister Marie Gaudry RSM (Parramatta)


At this critical time in our unfolding Mercy story it seems very appropriate for us to return to Catherine’s story, her spirituality and her vision of mercy and to seek her guidance and inspiration.


First published in 1999, the book has over the past seven years assisted those who have used it in retreats, community discussions, formation, or meetings with Mercy associates. Many have told me that it has proved helpful in deepening their interest in and affection for Catherine.


This new edition is presented in a much more user-friendly format, and was produced through digital designer, Sister Genemarie Beegan, RSM with Sister M. Edith Hurley, RSM. This publication has now been selling very well in the United States not only to Sisters of Mercy, but also to Mercy Associates, high school students, librarians and those working in healthcare. It is also on sale in Ireland in the Mercy International Centre’s Book Shop in Baggot Street.


It is my hope that this encounter with Catherine, “our spirit mother”, may provide an easy introduction to our Mercy story for those lay people who are now sharing so fully in our Mercy ministries and showing such eagerness to keep alive the heritage of Catherine and to deepen their awareness of her charism that in so many ways they share so beautifully.