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Moving forward together trusting in God

Marie Fitzgerald RSM, newly elected leader of the Perth Sisters of Mercy, reflects on the vision statement that delegates endorsed at the congregation’s chapter held between November 28 and December 3, 2009.

Photo: The newly elected Perth Council, from left, Leonie O’Brien RSM, Sandra Smolinski RSM, Roberta Dillon RSM, Marie Fitzgerald RSM (Congregation Leader) and Mollie Wright RSM (Vicar) take some time out from their first council meeting. They are pictured on the verandah of the Mercy Heritage Centre, Victoria Square.

While the vision statement appears to be very short, it is an authentic summary of the richness of the feedback of the delegates. The key discussion point was around moving forward always with a sense of LIFE, the foundation being Catherine’s reliance on Divine Providence always in mind.

“Credible” was a word that appeared so often in the conversations – being an authentic mercy women in today’s world and at the same time having the courage to move into the future.

Whether it is in ministry, facing our own health issues, effects of climate change, the future of our way of living, the conversation was always out of a deep sense of faith.

Our vision statement:

“Moving forward together trusting in God’s Providence…

  • being a credible sign of God’s love
  • having the courage to face what is unknown and hidden
  • bringing hope and joy to our world.”

From: Marie Fitzgerald RSM (Congregation Leader, Perth)