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Mission Integration Unit Seeks To Build on Strong Foundations

Some of the Mission Integration Unit – Anne Ferguson (Anne Ferguson, FLAME Coordinator), Anne McGuire RSM (Ministry Animation Coordinator), Ellen Geraghty (Executive Leader, Mission Integration), and Sarah Massard (Executive Assistant to Ellen Geraghty).



As reported in the last Just Mercy, the Institute’s new Mission Integration Unit (MIU) is now up and running.


Just over four weeks ago, Ellen Geraghty (Executive Leader), Anne Ferguson (Faith, Life and Ministry Education (FLAME) Coordinator) and Anne McGuire RSM (Ministry Animation Coordinator) commenced in their new positions. They join Sarah Massard (EA to Executive Leader), Chris Hill (Environmental Sustainability), Jane McGee (Archives and Heritage), Jonathan Campton (Governance) and John Rochester (Communications) and their respective team members in making up the new unit.


Jane McGee, Jane McGee (Group Manager Archives and Heritage)


While each of the elements of the new MIU has its particular focus and area of competence, they all are interrelated and together are integral to the character of the Institute as an agent of God’s mercy as part of ‘one mercy mission’.


Ellen Geraghty, Executive Leader, said that the team has been still very much finding its way.


Jonathan Campton (Executive Officer Ministry Governance)


“We are keen to ensure that the Unit provides an effective response to the needs of ISMAPNG at this time, and that it will support ‘one Mercy mission’ into the future.


“What is already clear to us is that whatever it is that we do in these roles must be done in partnership with sisters and staff.”


John Rochester (Communications Manager)


“Echoing the Directions to Leadership coming out of the last Chapter, which called for the involvement of ‘all, reflectively and practically, in ways which effect decision and action’, we have begun by reviewing the outcomes of consultation processes which have taken place in the past. Now we are developing a new process to obtain additional information which we feel we need if the work of the unit is to be successful.  We will be including the perspectives and insights of as many of sisters and staff as possible,” Ellen said.


Ellen said, “In this process we would like to move beyond mere data to the heart – inviting, all respondents  to imagine what Mercy might feel like in the future, in whatever ministry it is expressed … so that when this process is complete, we can begin to map out a path which will bring this imagining to life among us.”


Chris Hill (Environmental Sustainability Manager)


“This will probably take some time, so we ask for your patience as we believe these tasks are necessary if the work of the unit is to have a strong foundation.”


“We will do our best to keep you up to date with developments every step of the way and thank you for the warm welcome and best wishes we have received as we embark on this wonderful journey,” she said.





Ellen Geraghty, Executive Leader, Mission Integration
Telephone: (02) 9564 2089


Jane McGee, Jane McGee – Group Manager Archives and Heritage
Telephone: (02) 9572 5400


Anne Ferguson, FLAME Coordinator
Telephone: (02) 9564 2089


Anne McGuire RSM, Ministry Animation Coordinator
Telephone: (02) 9564 2089


John Rochester – Communications Manager
Telephone: (02) 9572 5400


Jonathan Campton – Executive Officer Ministry Governance
Telephone: (02) 6283 5100


Chris Hill – Environmental Sustainability Manager
Telephone: (07) 3866 4170