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Mini Mercies Reflect With Ursula

Year 8 students from Mercedes College take the opportunity to reflect next to the statue of Ursula Frayne.


Mini Mercies is an initiative of Mercedes College, Perth, Western Australia for their Year 8 students to learn about the Sisters of Mercy and includes sessions after school hours at the Mercy Heritage Centre Perth.


Here they learn about mercy hospitality, how to make a comfortable cup of tea, with real tea and tea pots and how to talk to each other with kindness and civility.  They also get to explore the former convent and learn about the Works of Mercy of the Sisters happening worldwide today.


So this recent fine Tuesday afternoon in March, Mini Mercies gathered at the Mercy Heritage Centre and were invited to “come and meet Ursula” the recently installed bronze sculpture by artist Gael O’Leary depicting Ursula Frayne on the day she arrived in colonial Perth complete with travel trunks.


The girls were asked; “If you could say anything to Ursula what would it be?” and a number of them took turns asking Ursula for advice, sitting on the trunks opposite Ursula or placing one of their own hands atop Ursula’s crossed ones and staring into her face. There were a few giggles as they played at pretending Ursula could hear and answer them.


They were asked if Ursula would be amazed to know that although she started her school in Perth with just one student on the first day, Mercedes College had more than one hundred new students start this year. How did they think Ursula would feel about that? Would she be proud, happy, amazed; Yes all those feelings they said.


Reluctantly they all came back inside the convent to continue the day’s session, but they were promised more visits and time to chat with Ursula in the future!


Messages to Annie Q. Medley who manages the Mercy Heritage Centre Perth


29 March 2017