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MIA Global Action

MIA Global Action continues working on its strategic plan which through local stories, theological reflection and policy aims to influence change. Read about some of the recent developments.

MIA executive, through the direction of MIA Members (Leaders Congregation/Institute) has established a Strategic Plan for MIA Global Action. As a result of consultation with the Members, Global Action will focus on the two priority areas:

  • Cosmology/ Environmental Sustainability
  • Human Trafficking / Prostitution
    A Global Action Network (GAN) has been established and comprises the representatives for MIA Members, Assistant Director Global Action and UN desk staff person. Mercy Global Action has established a Theological Reflection Group and a Working Group for each of the priority areas. MIA members nominated Sisters to these groups. The following sisters from the Institute of Sisters of Mercy Australia and Papua New Guinea have accepted a role on one of these groups:
    • Pat Fox RSM,  Theological Advisory Group
    • Liz Dowling RSM, Theologian, Human Trafficking / Prostitution Working Group
    • Patricia Powell RSM, Cosmology/ Environmental Sustainability Working Group
    • Mary Tinney RSM, Cosmology/ Environmental Sustainability Working Group
    • Angela Reed RSM, Human Trafficking / Prostitution Working Group

Theological Reflection Group role includes:

    • Establishing a structure to ensure that theological reflection becomes an integral part of MIA’s Global Action programme

Working Groups role includes:

    • Researching Mercy stories, case studies, and advocacy work at grassroots level
    • Promoting collaboration within Mercy among groups working on similar issues
    • Networking with other organisations working on strategic themes

As appropriate, assistance will be offered to the above groups for the further development of communication skills for internal communication and social networking.

    Mercy Global Action is responsible for the continued development of the Mercy UN desk which reflect Mercy work at grassroots. This work includes:
    • Assistant Director Global Action, Mary Purcell, will work with UN desk to ensure Mercy grassroots materials are reflected into UN policy analysis
    • UN desk will prepare materials based on the grassroots materials from working groups and with input from theological reflection group
    • UN desk co-ordinator will sit on GA network and working groups to ensure input of groups are reflected in UN submissions
    • UN Desk will ensure a two way communication between the desk and the membership

Further Information:
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Developments of MIA Global Action

Carmel Heagerty RSM, Institute Justice Co-ordinator