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Mercy Services Adds Four Stars To The Small Screen


Mercy Services Newcastle has a new YouTube channel highlighting the enthusiasm and gratitude of their service users, that they hope will assist potential clients.


On the first four videos produced for YouTube, Mercy Services’ Clients Laureen, Kath, Pat and Al each share a bit about their story, the care they receive from Mercy Services and how Mercy Services Home Care Package adds to their quality of life.


Since the Home Care Package reforms in February, 2017, there has been a sharp increase in the number of providers in home care services. As such, clients on the national waiting list for Home Care Packages may have a daunting task ahead when asked which provider they would like to choose.


“When a place comes up on the national wait list, a person in the Newcastle area is given the option of choosing one from upward of 52 providers,” says Lawrie Hallinan, Manager at Tighes Hill Mercy Services. “This can be a confusing time for the person as most of them may never have given thought to providers, and the many differences in price and service/staffing possibilities. It really is worth spending the time comparing providers to ensure the best match for their needs.”


Lawrie expresses his gratitude to Laureen, Kath, Pat and Al for volunteering their stories for these Mercy Services Home Care Package videos. “Our hope is that these videos will provide accessible explanation of our services. We believe our very happy clients are the best endorsement of the excellence of our services and staff.”


Mercy Services is known for their quality care and this was recently reflected when they were recognised for excellence by the Australian Aged Care Quality Agency. The two and a half day review process concluded that Mercy Services met all 29 expected outcomes of the three Home Care Standards and that they so exceeded expectation with their systems and client feedback that the Agency could make no recommendations for improvement.


Congratulations Mercy Services!





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27 April 2017