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Mercy Response to Philippines Disaster

UPDATE – November 16

  • Mercy International Association has established the PHILIPPINE MERCY SUPPORT FUND(PMSF) for focussed long term help to continue or rebuild Mercy Ministries of Health, Education, Social and Pastoral Care in the Philippines. More information and how you can DONATE here.
  • A Message from the Mercy Leader in the Philippines to the Mercy World
    Sr M Carmela Cabactulan is the Sister Superior of the Religious Sisters of Mercy in the Philippines, based in Tacloban. Unexpectedly, Mercy International Centre received a message from her yesterday. READ HERE


The Mercy International Association E-News brings news of the International Mercy Response to the tragedy unfolding in the Philippines in the wake of Typhoon Haiyan. More than nine million people have been affected by the natural disaster. MORE

We, of the Mercy world, are very much a part of this nation. Sisters of Mercy have been present in the Philippines since 1954 when six Sisters of Mercy arrived in Tacloban City from Cork, Ireland. The Sisters from this foundation became an autonomous congregation, the Religious Sisters of Mercy, Tacloban Philippines, in 1981. They have 47 Phillipino members, all of whom live and minister in the Philippines.

Some of the worst hit areas have been the towns of Leyte and Tacloban, where Australian Mercies have been involved in the ministries of health and education. It is understood the typhoon has caused devastating destruction to a Sisters of Mercy school and the Mother of Mercy Hospital in Tacloban City. Those affected are without food and other essentials. Mercy Health (ISMAPNG) has already responded to this horrific event. MORE