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Mercy in the scriptures with Margery Jackman

The Circle of Mercy Associates Group of the Wilcannia-Forbes Congregation recently enjoyed a session on “Mercy in the Scriptures” with Margery Jackman, Principal of Catherine McAuley Westmead in Sydney. Nance Cale RSM, the group’s co-ordinator, reports.

“Mercy in the Scriptures”, presented by Margery Jackman (Principal of Catherine McAuley Westmead in Sydney), was a truly wonderful experience for the Circle of Mercy Associates, Caringbah. 

Margery’s inspiring sharing of her insights of many years’ study and reflection was so appreciated by everyone. 

Her expertise and deep knowledge of the Hebrew and New Testament stories gave us new learnings and understanding of a compassionate and merciful God in the light of the true meaning of Mercy then and today.

After the talks, the 24-member group enjoyed a shared meal together with Margery. 

From: Nance Cale RSM (Wilcannia-Forbes Local Communications Facilitator)