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Mercy Day In A Time Of Pandemic


Mercy Day 2020 will forever in history be associated with COVID-19. While we all hope and pray future Mercy Days will not be impacted by this pandemic, we can at least feel proud of the way in which, despite the circumstances we faced, we more than made the most of it! 


Sisters and staff gathered on Mercy Day at 10am AEST, that included a wonderful reflection prepared by Mary Wickham RSM.


As part of the reflection, Sr Mary drew inspiration from the artistic depiction of Mary wearing her cloak of Mercy with figures gathered in under the canopy formed by her cloak.


“Such images were found at shrines dedicated to safety and gratitude from survival from The Plague.


“As we are in the midst of our own pandemic… it is appropriate for us to reflect on what meanings the metaphor of the cloak of mercy holds for us today”, Sr Mary said.


Institute Leader, Eveline Crotty RSM reminded those in attendance, that while this year’s Mercy Day falling in the midst of a Pandemic is unique for us, in the history of Mercy Days it is probably not that remarkable.


“Since the House of Mercy in Dublin was established in 1827, there have been plagues, World Wars and natural disasters all of which have occurred either on or during Mercy Day.


“I hope we can all draw solace from the knowledge that there is nothing in our current experience that those who have gone before us, and on whose shoulder we stand, have also experienced. Their ability to see the glimmers of light in the darkness and overcome the challenges they faced, provides us with hope and optimism that we too will be able to do the same,” she said.


Click on the arrow below to watch a recording of the Institute’s Mercy Day celebration. 


In addition to the Institute celebration, local communities, offices and ministries had their own celebrations. Some were lucky to have face-to-face celebrations, while others used their creativity to create memorable celebrations on Zoom.  We are pleased to feature below some of the memorable moments of these celebrations.


Mt Hagen, Papua New Guinea

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Adelaide, SA


Bathurst, NSW


Albury, NSW

Mercy Day 2020- Albury 3

Sisters got together for a morning tea and were presented with a Catherine McAuley rose.
Sisters in attendance were Bernice Keane RSM, Clement Wales RSM, Marie Jean Butler RSM, Scolastica Page RSM, Gwen Garland RSM, Patricia Weekes RSM, Liz Rothe RSM, Stephen Rhynehart, Augustine Ryan RSM, Janice Dunne RSM, Eileen Reardon RSM, Eileen Driscoll RSM and Shirley Garland RSM



Sans Souci, NSW

Daphne McKeough, Catherine Corbett, Nance Cale, Joan Doyle, Colleen Rhodes, Marea Roberts, Leica Coombe, Carolyn Nolan, Patricia McDermott, Audette Mansour


Canberra, ACT

Mercy Day 2020 - Canberra 1.

L to R: Gwenda Livermore RSM, Frances Fitzpatrick RSM, Kath Costain RSM, Maria Assunta Roberts RSM, Ursula Drennan RSM, Kath Keenan RSM, Mary Bennett RSM, Helen Kearins RSM, Helen Boland, Kerryann Seselja, Johnathan Campton, Gabrielle Owen RSM, Aileen Wailes RSM, Angela Jordan RSM, Lorraine Cupitt RSM, Eileen Savage RSM, June Cassidy RSM, Loretta Corrigan RSM, Kate McMahon RSM and Marie Kearns RSM RSM


Ballarat, Vic

Srs Maureen Healy and Noreen Ryan preparing for the Mercy Day lunch in Ballarat


Bendigo, Vic

Sr Maureen Howley of Bethlehem Aged Care Bendigo viewing the South B Fun Zoom



Perth, WA


Alphington, Vic


Institute Centre Stanmore, NSW


Mercy Place Keon Park, Reservoir, Vic

The yellow Catherine McAuley Rose was used as a backdrop for Mercy Day celebrations at Mercy Place Keon Park




Mercy Services, Newcastle and Singleton, NSW



Mercedes College, Perth, WA


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