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Foundation Day at the Mercy Hub


On Wednesday December 12, Foundation Day was celebrated at the Mercy Hub with a prayer service held in the morning and again in the evening. The morning service included the launch of ‘Spirit in the Land’, an exhibition of paintings by Margaret Broadbent RSM.


South C Community Leader, Faye Kelly RSM, invited all present to reflect on how Mercy is continually being founded in new ways and new places. The event began with a short video clip which recreated Ursula Frayne’s first footsteps in Western Australia, accompanied by her own words taken from her diaries.


Margaret Broadbent RSM


The scripture reading, Psalm 96:1 ‘O sing to the Lord a new song; sing to the Lord all the earth’, was followed by the profoundly moving and joyful video ‘Love and Mercy’, featuring Brian Wilson and The Miraculous Love Kids.


Sr Faye invited all attendees into a time of reflection, asking ‘How am I foundational today?’ ‘What new song am I singing?’ ‘What is being founded today?’


Together, both sisters and staff affirmed their commitment to Mercy in words inspired by Catherine McAuley, before closing with the Suscipe song.

Standing L to R: Jean Walton RSM, Carole McDonald RSM, Margaret Moore RSM, June Rohan RSM, Rosemary Patterson RSM, Margaret McDonnell RSM, Adele Howard RSM. Seated Moira Sheedy RSM and Claudia Hindese Apalenda RSM.



Launching her exhibition, Margaret Broadbent RSM dedicated it to Sr Faye, and warmly thanked her for her wonderful support over the years.


Margaret Broadbent RSM, Faye Kelly RSM, Margaret Moore RSM


The celebrations of Foundation Day continued over morning tea, and later in the evening with another group of sisters, surrounded by the beautiful artworks created by Sr Margaret.


The video ‘Love and Mercy’ was featured in edition 800 of Mercy eNews and is available under Resources



Leonie Glennen RSM


Messages to: Margaret Broadbent RSM and Faye Kelly RSM