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Back: Joan Neal, Terry Power, Sharon Gillett, Carmel Ross, Catherine Smith Front: Anne O’Connell, Annette Rowe, Kerry Shearer, Pat Bourke, Jan O’Connor Absent: Ann Murphy, Margaret McDonald, Christine Convery, Sally Bradley rsm.


8 November 2016


Another milestone was reached in October when the Mercy Associates Implementation Committee met for the final time and the newly established Mercy Associates Leadership Group held its first meeting. The two committees held a joint meeting at the Institute Centre in Stanmore, which enabled the outgoing committee to finalise their work and achieve a smooth transition to the new committee getting underway.


A transition prayer on the Sunday morning of the meeting acknowledged with gratitude the work of the Implementation Committee, and welcomed the Leadership Group to their role. The contribution of the Mercy Associates Implementation Committee has been of immense value because of their diversity of gifts and their commitment to seeing a dynamic future unfold for Mercy Associates of ISMAPNG. Margaret McDonald (Ballarat); Terry Power (Cairns); Christine Convery (Neath); Pat Bourke (Young); Joan Neal (Townsville); Sharon Gillett (Geelong); Kerry Shearer (Melbourne) and Catherine Smith (Melbourne) are owed a debt of gratitude.


The Implementation Committee met twice per year over a two-year period with the task of working out the details of how the new Mercy Associates Vision Statement and Vision in Practice could be successfully implemented. An outcome of their work is two core booklets – the Administrative Handbook and the Formation Resource. The Administrative Handbook is in final draft, and will steadily be distributed to groups in the new year. The Formation Resource, which has been drafted with the assistance of Sheena Barber (Launceston), Les Stewart (Ballarat), Bernard Dobson (Melbourne) and Terry Power (Cairns), is in its second draft, and will also be ready for distribution in the new year.


The new Leadership Group will be a standing committee, with some rotation of membership each year to assist with sharing the load among Mercy Associates groups. Inaugural members of the Mercy Associates Leadership Group are Annette Rowe (Gladstone); Anne O’Connell (Ballarat); Jan O’Connor (Perth); Joan Neal (Townsville) and Ann Murphy (Young). This group will mostly meet by Skype so that travel is kept to a minimum, but the opportunity for a face-to-face meeting to establish relationships was appreciated.


The new year will be a year when further milestones are reached in the renewal journey for Mercy Associates. Support for existing groups will be increased, and steps put in place to encourage the establishment of new groups, especially in Mercy workplaces. More news on this in the final edition of Just Mercy for 2016!


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