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Mercy Associates Leadership Group Meeting

At the MALG gathering: L-R standing: Annette Rowe (Gladstone); Grace Soley (Toronto); Anne O’Connell (Ballarat); Anne Pate (Network Facilitator, VIC); Gaye Lennon RSM (ILT); Ann Murphy (Young); Philomena Waira RSM(Yarapos); Joan Neal (Townsville); Christine Convery (Network Facilitator, NSW).
L-R seated: Jan O’Connor (Perth); Carmel Ross (Executive Officer).


This month saw a meeting of the Mercy Associates Leadership group in Sydney. Mercy Associates from around Australia and Papua New Guinea congregated to discuss and share experiences from their respective groups. Carmel Ross, Mercy Associates Executive Officer gives a recount of the meeting. 


On the first weekend of November the Mercy Associates Leadership Group (MALG) met in Sydney. This group was appointed by the Institute Leadership Team in late 2016, and for many of those in the current group, this was their first meeting. As we gathered on the Friday evening for dinner, we were joined by Gaye Lennon RSM, Caroline Ryan RSM and Elizabeth Moloney RSM from the Institute Leadership Team. We were delighted too to welcome Philomena Waira RSM who established a Mercy Friends group in Kunjingini in Papua New Guinea.


Gathering a group from around Australia and Papua New Guinea leads to a great deal of discussion and sharing of experiences from the groups represented. Gaye Lennon briefed the group on developments in professional standards, including an update on the new ISMAPNG Code of Conduct. In 2019, all Mercy Associates groups will adopt this Code of Conduct and undertake some training on how the Code applies to the initiatives of Mercy Associates groups.


Others with an interest in the Mercy Associates movement briefed us. Ailsa Mackinnon RSM from Mercy Works called in to speak to the group, thanking Mercy Associates groups around Australia for their ongoing fund-raising efforts.


Ellen Geraghty, Anne Ferguson and Anne McGuire RSM from the Mission Integration Unit also spent time with the MALG, discussing their role and seeking input about how the MIU can support Mercy Associates in their endeavours.


The Mercy Associates Administrative Handbook and Formation Resource, which have now been in use for a year, were discussed, and amendments recommended.


The Terms of Reference for the MALG were reviewed, and recommendations for changes will be forwarded to the ILT for consideration.


There are 300 Mercy Associates of ISMAPNG, with 19 groups operating in Australia, Papua New Guinea and Timor Leste. A newsletter, Many Paths, is published quarterly and can be found on the ISMAPNG website in the Mercy Associates section.


A very worthwhile, productive meeting.


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