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McAuley Ministries Gathering 2017

Prayer focus prepared by Madeline Duckett rsm



Who are we becoming as McAuley Ministries
Where is the new edge – hope


The theme for this years gathering was “Who are we becoming as McAuley Ministries” with a particular focus on where is the “new edge” and “where is the hope”.


This year we had several guest speakers including Margie Abbott rsm, Veronica Lawson rsm, Eveline Crotty rsm and Gaye Lennon rsm who shared with us their hopes and where they see new edges emerging in their ministries.


Margie Abbott rsm


We were joined by members of the wider Institute including members of the ILT, Community Leaders, Elaine Wainwright rsm , David Penny, Jonathan Campton, Deirdre Gardiner rsm, Chris Hill and Margery Jackman.


During the two days, people were invited to share the riches of their individual ministries and their hopes for new or emerging edges within their current ministries.


Eveline Crotty rsm


Reflection time allowed the group to consider how their own ministry may look today and in 5-10 years time.


The conversations over the two days provided a richness of new edges being explored including partnerships with people within McAuley Ministries and partnerships with other locally based community groups.


Margery Jackman led a challenging section inviting the group to share their hopes for how the Mercy mission could be woven into ministries moving forward.


Veronica Lawson rsm led us in an inspiring and challenging exploration of the 8th work of mercy, Care for our Common Home. This exploration together with a presentation by Chris Hill and Deirdre Gardiner rsm led to conversations to identify challenges facing our ministries, and to how ministries can step to the edge of the challenges presented and respond to what God’s calling is to us at this time.


Earth Story in action


The gathering provided a richness of conversation and renewed enthusiasm for continuing the mercy mission through MML’s diverse range of ministries into the future.


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