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Looking for the beauty that still remains

Photo Credit: The Age Newspaper, Melbourne


24 January 2017


Like most Melburnians, I was in shock at the tragic and awful event which gripped our city on Friday afternoon and sadly took the lives of five innocent people, and injured many others.


My thoughts and prayers are with all whom this tragedy has affected. My heartfelt thanks and admiration goes to my emergency and health services colleagues who were there to respond, help, care for and support those involved.


There are so many more victims of this terrible event — the families and friends of the victims, those who witnessed the horror firsthand, the police who tried so hard to protect the public, even the family of the perpetrator — who will suffer for many years to come. They will need the ongoing support of the entire community.


This event is also a reminder of the fragility of health, whether mental or physical, and the critical importance of timely and appropriate care: an asset our health system must continue to enhance and protect.


In the days that follow we need to remember not to judge too early and keep our hearts and minds open. Most importantly, while offering respect and sympathy to all those involved, we might also look to the words of Anne Frank who said: ‘I don’t think of all the misery… but of the beauty that still remains.’


I hope that the lives that have been lost and the spirit and courage of those that survived reminds everyone not take for granted all the beauty that is around us each and every day.


The Victorian Government has set up a fund to support victims and their families.


Stephen Cornelissen
Group Chief Executive Officer at Mercy Health