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To celebrate the Year of Mercy, Rahamim Ecology Centre (in Bathurst, NSW), is proud to be hosting a five day retreat facilitated by Veronica Lawson rsm: “Leaving space for Mercy… in the face of Earth’s distress”.

Inspiration for this retreat came from Veronica’s recent work, The Blessing of Mercy: Bible Perspectives and Ecological Challenges (2015), in which new questions about mercy and the subject-hood of the Earth community are brought to our interpretation of biblical texts.

She writes, “The pain of Earth informs a contemporary theology of mercy and impels us to action, since mercy in the biblical tradition is always action-oriented. The distress of our planet invites us to live mercy and to view Earth’s diverse elements as potential agents of the blessing of mercy” (p. 16).

The retreat, held in the heritage villa Logan Brae, runs from Sunday 25th September – Friday 30th September 2016, and includes as a focal point the paddock-to-plate inspired meals sourced from Rahamim’s vegetable gardens, the Bathurst Wholefood Cooperative and farmers of the Bathurst region.

More information can be found HERE.