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Launch of new international Mercy e-journal

Two Australian Sisters of Mercy, Peta Goldberg RSM (Brisbane) and Cathy Solano RSM (Melbourne), have been appointed to the editorial board of Mercywords, a new international Mercy e-journal that explores ideas and questions in theology, religious studies, scripture, spirituality, and social activism.

In the e-journal’s inaugural edition, which attempts to encourage discussion about “Leadership in 2010 and Beyond”, Cathy also writes a thought-provoking piece – “Call Us Outwards” – which calls on Mercy leaders to create an intentional Mercy global community.

According to the e-journal’s editor, Carol Rittner RSM (USA), Mercywords aims “to explore ideas, raise questions, stimulate fresh thinking, and encourage those who serve the people of God in our fractured and fragmented world”.

“Will Mercywords meet its lofty goal?” writes Carol.

“It will, if you and your friends and colleagues get into the discussion, step out in faith, think outside the box, and contribute thoughtful, even ‘edgy’ essays we can consider for publication.

“If you don’t, Mercywords will fade into cyber obscurity. But if you do, if you get into the fray, Mercywords might just make a small contribution to a much larger conversation about God and the challenges and dilemmas facing us human beings in our fragile world.”

Mercywords is published online four times each year: January, April, July, and October.

Read articles from the inaugural edition of Mercywords here.