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Key Values underpin our Mission of Mercy and Justice

‘We are entrusted with the responsibility and privilege of carrying a new vision for humanity, as collaborators not competitors; as stewards not destroyers of the earth and its resources; as life-givers…we are carriers of the Spirit’s dream to participate in the mission of Jesus who frees the oppressed and brings new life…’

These challenging and inspirational words of Christa Henrich SWL were prayed by the members of the Institute Justice Network (the Institute Justice Core Group, Specific Issues Committees and participants of the Mercy Global Concern programs) who gathered for the annual meeting on 11-13 February 2011 which was facilitated by Sister Eveline Crotty RSM.

After individual and group reflection on various Institute and Catherine writings and, the Institute Chapter Statement 2010,


Dispela tingting i mekim mipela i pas tru wantaim God,
taim mipela i bihainim Gutnius,

long kain ples wei,
olgeta i painim tru marimari bilong God.

It impels us to respond
with hearts centred in God,
as we live the gospel
in a world longing for God’s mercy.
(Const. 3.32)

(excerpt Sixth Institute Chapter Statement 2010)

the gathering was asked to name the key values that underpin our mission of Mercy and Justice within the Institute Justice Network (IJN) and our own personal work for justice. The richness of the sharing was a time of blessing and enhanced our understanding of justice issues both locally and globally.

What do you consider are the key values that underpin our mission of Mercy and Justice?

Those gathered received a copy of ‘Meeting the Global Citizen in You’ and reflected and prayed on such statements as,

“our world is increasingly out of balance…global apartheid and global inequality…

we live in a world with obscene disparity, where a privileged few reap disproportionate benefits while many more suffer real deprivations…

In the end we shall be asked only one thing: ‘Were you merciful?’ Mercy is not reducible to any of its works, for ‘Were you merciful?’ will be a question of the heart.”

‘Meeting the Global Citizen in You’, produced by Mercy Global Concern 2010

It was wonderful that Claudia Apalenda RSM was able to attend the meeting and give particular insight on the Mercy life and ministry in Papua New Guinea. The on-going commitment of the IJN in producing the articles for Mercy M@tters was warmly acknowledged. The hospitality offered by the Sisters of Mercy North Sydney who provided the meeting space at Stormanston and accommodation and, the Sisters of Mercy Gunnedah who also provided accommodation was greatly appreciated.

Eveline Crotty, Anne McGuire, Faith Jones, Moira Truelson, Rose Glennen, Cathy Solano, Marg Hinchey, Rosarii O’Connor, Anne Ryan, Margaret Adams, Marie Farrell, Sally Bradley, Christina Aitken, Gaye Lennon, Marie Butcher, Karon Donnellon, Anne Foale, Johanna Conway, Leonie Crotty, Carmel Heagerty, Claudia Apalenda, Daphne McKeough, Pat Linnane, Carole McDonald Apologies: Celestine Pooley, Pat Lynch, Carol Ong, Dolores Coffey, Geraldine Mugavin, Mary White.

Contact: Carmel Heagerty RSM, Institute Justice Co-ordinator