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Is this your Christmas gift to earth?

As we move into this Christmas season when we celebrate the oneness of earth and the sacred in the birth of Jesus, it is timely to look at the way in which we “have mercy on earth”, and at our patterns of consumption and consumerism. Decide now to offer a gift to earth in the form of a commitment to take action about climate change.


Institute Eco-Justice: Climate Change

During the year, the Institute Eco-Justice Committee has led you through the first stages of a theological reflection process.


After we established our purpose as a group, we focused on climate change as a critical environmental issue with profound implications for the future of the whole earth community.


We noted that we as Mercies have a distinctive responsibility to extend our compassion to include earth, and that becoming more conscious of our interconnectedness with earth is also a “reconfiguring” of our attitudes.


We introduced you to a range of ethical principles that need to guide us towards responsible attitudes and actions towards the whole earth community.


In this reflection we invite you to use the RITUAL – DOWNLOAD HERE – to create the sacred space in which to make this commitment to address climate change:


As women and men of Mercy, we commit ourselves to help reduce the threat of climate change through:

  • actions in our lives,

  • pressure on governments and industries, and

  • standing in solidarity with those most affected by climate change.

In 2007, a year in which there will be a Federal election, we, the Institute Eco-Justice Committee, will take you through each of these actions, and some ways in which we can ground them in our daily lives.


From: Specific Issues Committee, Eco-Justice (Sisters Margaret Abbott, Mary Dennett, Patricia Powell and Mary Tinney).


Contact: Carmel Heagerty RSM, Institute Justice Co-ordinator.