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Institute’s New Mission Integration Unit Commissioned

L to R (Seated) – John Hume, Shirley Carter, Chris Hill (Skype), Sarah Massard, Ellen Geraghty, Anne Ferguson, Anne McGuire RSM, Jane McGee and John Rochester. Presenting the candle is Institute Leader, Eveline Crotty RSM


The Institute’s new Mission Integration Unit (MIU) has been officially commissioned at a ceremony  at the McAuley Centre, Lewisham.


There are several elements of the MIU. These are Archives and Heritage, Communications, Environmental Sustainability and Ministry Governance, each of which has been in place for some time, and two new elements FLAME (Faith, Life and Ministry Education) and Ministry Animation.


While each of these elements has its particular focus and area of competence, all are interrelated and together they are integral to the character of the Institute as an agent of God’s mercy.


As part of the proceedings on September 18 there was a passing of the light to the new team, which was followed by calling on God’s blessing of the building which acknowledged all who have worked there over many years and those who will work, visit or come to celebrate at Lewisham.


The ceremony particularly welcomed Ellen Geraghty (Executive Leader, Mission Integration Unit), Anne McGuire RSM (Ministry Animation Coordinator) and Anne Ferguson (FLAME Coordinator).


L to R Standing- Denise Fox RSM (McAuley Ministries), Ellen Geraghty, Sarah Massard and Eveline Crotty RSM