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Institute Warmly Welcomes Back Mary Pat Garvin RSM

Canberra Seminar: Sisters of Mercy were Mary Bennett RSM, Marie Kearns RSM, Mary Corkeron RSM, Aileen Wailes RSM, Helen Kearins RSM, Shirley Garland RSM, Liz Rothe RSM and Kate McMahon RSM. Absent from the Photo were Angela Jordan RSM and Frances Fitzpatrick RSM. Two staff from Mt St Joseph’s Aged Care, Young attended – Michelle Gledhill far left and Gemma Irving second from right. Mary Pat Garvin RSM far right.

Left: Michelle Gledhill, (Services Manager Mt St Joseph’s Aged Care, Young,), Mary Bennett RSM (Community Leader, Central A),  Mary Pat Garvin RSM and Gemma Irving (Pastoral Carer Mt St Joseph’s Aged Care, Young.)


The Institute and Catholic Religious Australia have been very pleased to welcome back Mary Pat Garvin RSM (Sister of Mercy of the Americas) for a series of seminars and retreats.


Mary Pat, who was most recently in Australia in March of last year for the Catherine McAuley Symposiums, has over the past month presented retreat days and seminars in Newcastle, Canberra, Bathurst, Grafton, Rockhampton and Townsville.


For Institute Sisters, Mary Pat delivered a retreat entitled ‘Affectionately Yours: Catherine’s letters speak’ which delved into the rich world of the letters of Catherine McAuley and how the words she wrote to the sisters may not have the same meaning or interpretation today.


The sessions for Catholic Religious Australia were focused on Catherine McAuley as a social mystic as part of the session ‘Centred in God…Sent on Mission’. These social implications continue today through our ministry as we seek to be social mystics as well.


In between her formal engagements, Mary Pat has enjoyed the opportunity to experience some of rural Australia, which has included a road trip from Canberra to Bathurst with Central A Community Leader, Mary Bennett RSM.


The appreciation to Mary Pat for sharing her wisdom is best summed up by one of the Sisters who attended, “The Sisters in Bathurst enjoyed the days but the ones who were most delighted were those who have been in isolated places with little chance for renewal”.


Thank you Mary Pat!

(Based on an article that originally appeared in Coolamon, Central A Community Newsletter).

Grafton – Mary Pat Garvin RSM (left) and Community Leader, Anne Ryan RSM (right)

Attendees at the CRA seminar day in Grafton


The Cathedral College in Rockhampton teachers – Miss Alice Galea & Mrs Megan Grove with Mary Pat Garvin RSM

Sisters of Mercy, Mercy Associates, Teachers from The Cathedral College in Rockhampton with Mary Pat Garvin RSM (far right).


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