Archived News Item


7 November 2016


The Institute has launched its Sustainability Policy – ‘An Integrated Approach to Sustainable Living’ via a livestream broadcast on Friday, November 4 2016.


The policy was officially launched by the Institute Leader Berneice Loch rsm, as part of a thirty minute broadcast that included a representation of the Sisters who had developed the document (Deirdre Gardiner rsm and Mary Tinney rsm) and an example of those who have been modelling some of its core values and strategies as part of living sustainably in their community (Patricia Powell rsm and Margaret Adams rsm).  Elaine Wainwright rsm, Institute Mission and Ministry Executive Leader, provided an introduction and welcome.


In launching the policy, Sr Berneice said it is the product of a great deal of thinking, education, action and commitment over many years by many people.


“It is not a beginning but a special milestone along the journey that Sisters of Mercy, and those who walk with them have been taking over these many years.  It is not a beginning nor is an ending.  We did not set out to write a policy, be it ever such a fine piece of work.  Rather we set out to make this Institute, ISMAPNG, an organization, a living reality, which is about the Care of the Earth, in which Caring for the Earth is a recognised characteristic of each member and of every activity.  So we hope the policy will be a stimulus to take us further on the journey,” she said.


The policy looks to integrate sustainable living across seven key areas – energy, water, waste, transport, procurement, investment and infrastructure.


It provides a framework for personnel and ministry partners to develop policies, programs and procedure which will contribute to achieving these overarching objectives.


Sisters and partners in Mercy gathered at Mercy Centres throughout the Institute, as well as joining the broadcast on their computers, tablets and iphones.


The policy was developed by Institute’s Ecology Advisory Group – Deidre Gardiner rsm, Mary Tinney rsm, Gabriella Gretz rsm, Adele Howard rsm, Patricia Powell rsm and Eileen Quade rsm.

For more information about the policy please contact Deirdre Gardiner rsm