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Institute Justice Network holds annual meeting

“The annual Institute Justice Network meeting from February 5-7 continued to enhance the understanding of justice issues both locally and globally and certainly energised all participants,” writes Carmel Heagerty RSM, the Institute’s Justice Co-ordinator.

The Institute Justice meeting was attended by 26 sisters of the Institute Justice Network and was facilitated by Anne Lane PBVM. Once again the Sisters of Mercy, North Sydney warmly welcomed us to use the meeting space at Stormanston House and provided accommodation for those from out of town.

The gatherings have particularly assisted the development of the justice work of the Specific Issues Committees, and of course it was at the February 2008 meeting, that a number of members voiced their dream for a Mercy Justice Conference Justice – and it was a wonderful event! We look forward to new developments in 2010.

Specific Issues Committee Members:
Kate McGrath RSM (Eco-Justice committee), Angela Reed RSM (Women and Poverty committee) and Helen Owens RSM (Asylum Seekers and Refugees committee) have completed their terms as members of the Institute Justice Specific Issues Committees. We thank them for their commitment, generosity, enthusiasm and work over the last few years.

The Institute Justice Core Group is delighted to welcome Margaret Adams RSM, Dolores Coffey RSM, Johanna Conway RSM and Mary White RSM who accepted the invitation to be members of the Specific Issues Committees. Moira Truelson RSM is resuming as a committee member after returning from overseas ministry.

Specific Issues Committee Members for 2010 include:
Asylum Seekers and Refugees: Johanna Conway RSM, Geraldine Mugavin RSM, Rosarii O’Connor RSM
Eco-Justice: Mary Dennett RSM, Claudette Cusack RSM, Marie Farrell RSM, Mary White RSM
Indigenous Concerns: Dolores Coffey RSM, Rose Glennen RSM, Anne McGuire RSM, Daphne McKeough RSM, Moira Truelson RSM
Women and Poverty: Margaret Adams RSM, Sally Bradley RSM, Leonie Crotty RSM, Anne Ryan RSM

Mercy Global Concern participants 2006-09:
Christina Aitken RSM, Sally Bradley RSM, Marie Butcher RSM, Leonie Crotty RSM, Claudette Cusack RSM, Rose Glennen RSM, Carmel Heagerty RSM, Margaret Hinchey RSM, Pat Linnane RSM, Carole McDonald RSM, Carmel McDonough RSM, Helen Owens RSM and Cathy Solano RSM.

Institute Justice Core Group:
Karon Donnellon RSM, Faith Jones RSM, Pat Lynch RSM, Celestine Pooley RSM and Carmel Heagerty RSM.

Contact: Carmel Heagerty RSM, Institute Justice Co-ordinator