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Institute Justice Group grateful for feedback

The Institute Justice Core Group (Sisters Karon Donnellon, Pat Lynch, Jennie Ryan, Celestine Pooley, Carmel Heagerty – Institute Justice Co-ordinator) met on February 9 to reflect on the feedback from sisters regarding the Institute Justice Network model and the justice articles published in Mercy M@tters. A report of the review will be presented to the Institute Plenary Council in April. The Institute Justice Core Group is grateful for all feedback received – affirmation, practical suggestions, questions, challenges and the ever-important dreams.


Carmel Heagerty and Celestine Pooley met with three of the four Specific Issues Committees for a Planning Weekend on February 10-11. The fourth committee will meet on February 24-25.


Sisters Caroline Ryan, Karon Donnellon and Jennie Ryan each attended for part of the weekend. Caroline and the Institute Justice Core Group acknowledged the tremendous work of each sister and warmly thanked everyone for the marvellous contribution to the life of the Institute via the justice articles published in Mercy M@tters. During the weekend the committees reviewed the Institute Justice Network model and planned the focus for the justice articles for 2007. The committees are conscious that there will be a Federal Election later this year and will provide material as appropriate.



Asylum Seekers and Refugees: Sisters Sally Bradley, Claudette Cusack, Lorraine Phelan and Mary Quinn

Eco-Justice: Sisters Margaret Abbott, Mary Dennett, Patricia Powell and Mary Tinney

Indigenous Concerns: Sisters Rose Glennen and Liz Rothe

Women and Poverty: Sisters Leonie Crotty, Miriam Grech, Angela Reed and Anne Ryan

Leonie and Anne are new members and will be warmly welcomed at their planning meeting later in February.


Contact: Carmel Heagerty RSM, Institute Justice Co-ordinator