Archived News Item

Highlighting issues of concern in 2010

Congratulations to the Institute Justice Network for their dedication throughout the year and the very significant contribution of more than 50 articles to Mercy M@tters on the Institute’s Focus Areas of Asylum Seekers and Refugees, Women and Poverty, Eco-Justice and Indigenous Concerns and. What are the key messages?

The Institute Justice Core Group (IJCG) – Sisters Karon Donnellon, Faith Jones, Pat Lynch, Celestine Pooley, Carmel Heagerty – acknowledge the great work of all members of the Institute Justice Network and thank them most sincerely for their commitment.

Institute Specific Issues Committees are:

  • Asylum Seekers and Refugees: Sisters Johanna Conway, Geraldine Mugavin and Rosarii O’Connor
  • Eco-Justice: Sisters Claudette Cusack, Mary Dennett, Marie Farrell and Mary White
  • Indigenous Concerns: Sisters Dolores Coffey, Rose Glennen, Anne McGuire, Daphne McKeough and Moira Truelson
  • Women and Poverty: Sisters Margaret Adams, Sally Bradley, Leonie Crotty and Anne Ryan

As you reflect on key words from the 2010 articles, consider the people struggling with the injustice, their own actions for change and then, reflect on your own response and action taken during the year or your plans for action in the future.

Also the IJCG extend their warmest appreciation to Claudette Cusack and Mary Dennett who have completed their term as committee members. Mary has been a member of the Eco-Justice committee for five years and Claudette worked on the Asylum Seeker and Refugee committee for three years and the Eco-Justice committee for the last two years.

Mary and Claudette have been highly valued members throughout the five years of their work. We thank Mary and Claudette most sincerely for their expertise, commitment and generosity commitment to the Institute Justice Network.

Contact: Carmel Heagerty RSM, Institute Justice Co-ordinator