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Help ban cluster bombs NOW!

The campaign to Stop Cluster Munitions needs the active support of people of good will. Cluster bombs have killed and injured thousands of civilians during the last 40 years and continue to do so long after a conflict has ended. One third of all recorded cluster munitions casualties are children.

Cluster bombs are horrible weapons that are destroying the lives of millions of people in countries such as Afghanistan, Albania, Bosnia, Chad, Cambodia, Eritrea, Iraq, Kuwait, Lebanon, Serbia, Sierra Leone, Sudan, Vietnam, and Western Sahara…

There is a cluster bomb treaty meeting being held in Oslo on December 3.
1. Sign The People’s Treaty HERE – only 19 days until the meeting in Oslo.
2. Cluster munitions stand out as the weapon that poses the gravest dangers to civilians since antipersonnel mines, which were banned in 1997. Yet there is currently no provision in international law to specifically address problems caused by cluster munitions. Simply put, cluster munitions kill and injure too many civilians. The weapon caused more civilian casualties in Iraq in 2003 and Kosovo in 1999 than any other weapon system. Learn more about the issue Stop Cluster Munitions.
PLEASE NOTE: Sister Cathy Solano RSM (currently participating in a ten-week internship at the UN in New York with Mercy Global Concern – read article here) sent this material to Sister Carmel Heagerty RSM, requesting assistance to “mobilise as many signatures” as possible for this campaign.

Contact: Carmel Heagerty RSM, Institute Justice Co-ordinator