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Governance Formation Offerings Go Digital

Following the virtual launch of the ISMAPNG Governance Formation Schema in early April, conversations have started with our Ministry Boards about actively using the Schema as a resource for the development or review of each Board’s Governance Formation plan.


Annette Schneider (bottom row, left) with members of the board of Mercy Connect.


On April 30, I met with the Board of Mercy Connect, via Zoom, to have the first of these conversations. The technology worked really well and some very positive ideas emerged for some ‘next steps’ in the process. The screen shot captures the participants, each one obviously engaged with the very exciting concept of governance formation planning!

On Monday 18 May and May 29, 18 of our Company Secretaries and Minute Secretaries joined two Institute staff and the three presenters for two half-day Zoom seminars exploring the roles of Company and Minute Secretary and the legislative framework within which these roles are exercised. There were participants registered from each of the 13 Ministry Companies in ISMAPNG. Originally, this seminar was to have been held face to face at Mercy Centre, Alphington on May 18. A consultation process with each Board revealed a strong preference for going ahead with the seminar over 2 half-days, using Zoom technology, rather than postponing or cancelling the event.

It was the first time this particular group had gathered for a governance formation event so there was an opportunity to ‘put faces to names’ and for some very helpful sharing of ideas to occur in the Breakout Room conversations and in the larger group. The range of experience and backgrounds amongst the 23 of us certainly enriched the sharing. Thanks is expressed to Nicki Patten (Director, Standards and Legal) and Jonathan Campton (Executive Officer Ministry Governance) for their excellent presentations and thoughtful activities designed to engage the small groups in conversation.

The Mission Integration team is looking ahead a month at a time at present, consulting with prospective participants in other seminars currently scheduled as face to face offerings, to determine the best way to proceed in light of social distancing and other considerations.

Annette Schneider RSM
Governance Formation Coordinator

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