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Gladstone Mercy Associates celebrate 25 years of Mercy

Dot Leech, Annette Rowe, Norma Reynolds. Annette Platt, and Judy Munt.


The Gladstone Mercy Associates have celebrated 25 continuous years of service in conjunction with the Sisters of Mercy at their local Star of the Sea Parish. 


Over 40 people attended the Mass on Saturday September 23, which included associates, Sisters, Priests and parishioners. Brunch followed the mass and a wonderful day was enjoyed by all.


The 25 year rich history began when the Rockhampton Sisters of Mercy in 1991, at their local Chapter, formulated a simple policy with a goal ‘to explore avenues for men and women of any age to participate with them in Mercy life and works, while continuing to live out their particular call in life’.  Opportunities were offered for Prayer and Ministry Associates. Over time, the vision evolved and both Sisters and Associates made the wonder of God’s work the inspiration for their lives.


In Gladstone, Maria Goretti rsm decided that there were many ladies and gentlemen willing to help the needy and when invited to form a group, approximately 25 parishioners embraced the idea with great enthusiasm. The group spent 12 months in preparation, learning of the life and charism of Catherine McAuley.


An Induction Ceremony was held in September 1992. The Associates were offered the choice of many ministries in the beginning and later in 2000 when the Mater Hospital was opened, many then volunteered in various areas. To this day, this volunteering continues. In 2003, due to ill health, Sr Maria moved to Rockhampton while the Associates group continued to grow in numbers and dedication to the Mercy ethos. Beryl Amedee rsm became the new Mentor and remains with the Associates to this day.


Today, there are 44 committed Mercy Associates under the new vision and model One Charism, Many Paths.


Fr Aliki Langi and Annette Rowe

Beryl Amedee RSM standing with Marie Campbell next to her and Betty Neilsen



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