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Gifts of Mercy: The Gift that keeps on giving

The 2017 range of Gifts of Mercy


Each year at this time Mercy Works produces Gifts of Mercy cards. By buying one of these cards you will be donating to one of Mercy Works’ projects on behalf of a loved one. You will receive a beautifully printed card to give to your recipient, explaining what a great difference your gift will make.


Gifts of Mercy cards are ideal as an alternative to a gift for any occasion – from Christmas and birthdays to anniversaries, christenings and weddings or simply to say ‘thank you’.


Mercy Works supports long-term development programs in impoverished communities in Papua New Guinea, Timor-Leste and in Australia. We work with local communities to support refugees, other displaced people and those denied access to education, health care and social welfare. These issues can often seem far away concerns but many of our closest neighbours struggle with them every day. Even in our own country, people are in urgent need of help.


You can bring a lasting gift to people in need and help change lives just by purchasing a single Gifts of Mercy card or order the full set.


Ordering Gifts of Mercy is now easier and more flexible.

Gifts of Mercy can be ordered online at There are 8 designs to choose from. After choosing your preferred design, select how much you want to donate on behalf of the recipient and complete your details. You can pay via PayPal or Credit Card and all Gifts of Mercy cards are fully tax-deductible. Your cards will be mailed out to you within 3 business days. You can then personalise your cards with your own message and send to your chosen recipient. It that’s easy!


Visit for more information or call 02 95641911 to order via phone.


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