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Future Governance Symposium October 2019

Participants listening to Maree Marsh CSB

On Monday 21 October, more than 50 people representing the Institute and its Incorporated Ministries gathered at the Catholic Leadership Centre in Melbourne for the Future Governance Symposium. The group was strengthened by the attendance of Community Leaders, the Finance Advisory Council and the Chair and CEO of Mercy Partners.   The Future Governance Working Party has progressed its work greatly throughout 2019 and the Symposium was a significant opportunity to explore the likely recommendations before submission of the report to the Institute Leadership Team


Caroline Ryan RSM opened the symposium with a beautiful reflection on the Grace of Change. Eveline Crotty provided a response from the Leadership Team to the progress report of Future Governance Working Party and encouraged participants to further input in this process of codesign.  Dr Martin Laverty as the convenor of the Working Party explored the likely recommendation of forming a new ministerial Public Juridic Person, including input from Professor Gabrielle McMullen on strengthening the statement of mission and purpose.


Mrs Bobby Court facilitated an excellent panel discussion involving Maree Marsh CSB, Prof Gabrielle McMullen and Des Powell on the lessons learned from other ministerial Public Juridic Persons.


Annette Schneider worked with the group on Governance Formation to look at how we form Stewards, Councillors, Directors and CEOs and Principals to enable good governance of our Institute ministries.


Participants greatly enjoyed the informative presentations and left the Symposium with both a stronger understanding of and a stronger commitment to a vision of how our ministries might flourish into the future. The FGWP will now progress its final report to be submitted to the Institute Leadership Team before March 2020.


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Caroline Ryan RSM and Sharon Price RSM


Marie Davey RSM, Elizabeth Moloney RSM and Sally Bradley RSM


Tony Bidstrup, Mercy Services and Trent Dean, Mercy Connect, with Sylvia Williams RSM


Anne Ryan RSM, Maureen Sexton RSM, Nola Morrisey RSM, Carolyn Nolan RSM


Annette Schneider RSM


Kath Tierney RSM


Eileen Ann Daffy RSM


Dr Martin Laverty


Group Discussion


Group Discussion


Group Discussion


Bobby Court, Gabrielle McMullen, Maree Marsh CSB and Des Powell


Maree Marsh CSB


Des Powell


Gabrielle McMullen


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