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To all readers of ‘Just Mercy’ – I wish for you the many graces of Easter. The Easter season is a time of great celebration and rejoicing for the gift of the resurrection of Jesus and the impact that it has on our all aspects of our lives.

As you will read elsewhere in this edition of ‘Just Mercy’, I was very pleased during this Easter season to be able to officially open the new Mercy Hub at Carlton North, Melbourne. While Mercy rightly lives within our hearts and minds, it must also emanate from spaces where we are able to gather both to nourish our own sense of Mercy, and to also bring Mercy to the lives of others. The new hub is one of the many signs that the mission of Jesus is alive and well in the tradition of Catherine McAuley. It is a sign, through the work that will be undertaken there, that the resurrected Jesus is living among us.

In reflecting on the remarkable acts of Mercy being undertaken on a daily basis across our Institute and its ministries (many of which are featured in Just Mercy each month), I find that for me an important element is the spiritual and practical support given to those seeking to live a more merciful life. One of the reasons the Sisters of Mercy and our lay partners across the world have been able to assist so many people in so many unique ways, is the inspiration and resilience that comes from living and working in community.  Just as the apostles were there for each other following the chaos and shock after the death of Jesus, we too must undertake our own discipleship not in isolation, but with the support and involvement of others.

I have no doubt the new Mercy Hub is one of many places across the Institute where community and support for mission will be found and where through the people who either visit or call it ‘home’, the  resurrected Jesus will be able to radiate his love.

Sr Berneice Loch
Institute Leader

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