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Fraynework Launches SplashArt

Fraynework project manager, Tanaya Luscombe, admires the Fernhill residents’ handiwork



Fraynework has launched a new product for all ages and ministries called ‘SplashArt’. It was inspired by Mercy Health CEO, Stephen Cornelissen who was exploring expressive artistic options for residents of Mercy aged care homes. Activities such as colouring in and painting are meditative pastimes that are proven to assist in reducing problems of depression, boredom and isolation for older people in nursing homes.


Fraynework CEO, Deb Carter said “Stephen wanted an activity that was Mercy centered and I wanted to expand the concept so that it could have a wider appeal and usage for all ages and a variety of Mercy ministries. I really wanted to create something that was a more meaningful experience by adding the story cards so that the resource could be used in pairs or groups as a conversation starter not just as an exercise in itself.”


And so the idea of SplashArt evolved. It is a remarkable product, a fun and relaxing aesthetic experience suitable for all ages. There are no paints required, just a cup of water and brush are used to unveil five exquisite custom drawn illustrations, each paired with an accompanying story card to form a creative formation and educative tool for schools, aged care homes, social services, hospitals and other workplaces.


Painting with water is not a new concept. However, the Fraynework team worked with manufacturers over many months and prototypes to develop a process whereby after the painting exercise is complete, the illustration dries to its original white state, ready to be used over and over again. In fact, up to 200 times.


Deb said ‘We have been really focussed on the issue of sustainability and searching for ways to support this vision in our ministry.’


The first series released this week is titled Discover Mercy especially designed to encourage and inspire conversations about significant aspects of the Mercy story.


In this series, engaging themes of Mercy are explored through the topics of Catherine’s Response to Need, A House of Mercy, Extravagant Hospitality, In Celebration of Catherine and Care for our Common Home.


‘Developing the Discover Mercy series over the last year has been such a wonderful opportunity for all the Fraynework team to be involved in creating this resource, from choosing the Mercy themes, to hand-painting the illustrations, to writing the copy and designing the packaging and website, to working with the manufacturers on the technical aspects of the printing process. It’s been a great formation exercise for each of us and hopefully will be as well for our intended audience.’


‘We showcased some prototype kits at a few Mercy gatherings around Australia and New Zealand in recent months and were overwhelmed by the positive response SplashArt received from so many Sisters and different Mercy ministries,’ Deb said.


On Tuesday 28th May, Fraynework launched SplashArt at Mercy Place, Fernhill. Fraynework staff members and residents enjoyed the activity and the chance to interact and share the experience together.


Click below to watch a time-lapse video demonstrating how SplashArt works:



SplashArt is available for purchase online at or contact Fraynework on 03 8687 7500. Look out for upcoming series to be released later in the year.


Fraynework artist, Kerrie O’James, talks about her illustrations with a Fernhill resident


A Fernhill resident, reading the story card that accompanied her painting


Fraynework CEO, Deb Carter, discusses a Mercy topic with a Fernhill resident



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