Formation Bytes

ISMAPNG Staff Formation Bytes is a series of short formation modules offered to ISMAPNG staff on a montly basis.

The Resource Sheet which provides links to short videos, podcasts and/or articles takes about 40-60 minutes in total to complete and can be used for personal reflection or in a group setting.
An optional Zoom Conversation provides the opportunity to explore the topic further as a group and to share thoughts and/or insights with other participants.
ISMAPNG staff are sent an invitation to the Zoom Conversation two weeks prior to the conversation, and all are encouraged to engage with as many of the suggested activities as possible, prior to the Zoom conversation to enable active participation and to enrich the discussion.


The Zoom conversations are closed sessions as this program has been developed for ISMAPNG staff formation.  For further information on running a conversation for your organisation contact the FLAME Coordinator carole.gan@ismapng.org.au