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First Anniversary of New Mercy Institute

December 12, 2012, marks one year since the Institute of Sisters of Mercy of Australia and Papua New Guinea (ISMAPNG) was formed. Fifteen groups of sisters, numbering around 960 women, came together for the sake of God’s mission of mercy – to respond as Jesus did in his community. We, alongside the women and men who work with us, continue to be involved in a variety of ministries including education, health and aged care, community services, community development, social justice and advocacy, support for refugees and asylum seekers, adult formation and spirituality, pastoral work, administration and multimedia. The ISMPAPNG Chapter statement calls us to extravagant hospitality, justice and compassion, to ‘go the extra mile’ in order to assist those affected by displacement in our earth community.

The sisters across the Institute will mark the anniversary by gathering in their local areas for prayer and ‘a comfortable cup of tea.’! December 12 also marks 181 years since the Mercy Congregation was founded in Ireland by Catherine McAuley.

During this first year of ISMAPNG the challenges associated in bringing together 15 different groups and developing a new way of being and doing in the name of mercy have been enormous. The Institute Leadership team (pictured below) has the responsibility, shared with others, to nurture the new while drawing on the wisdom and the sound traditions of the founding groups.