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Exploring the Path of Mercy with Sisters in the Philippines

Gaye Lennon RSM (middle) with the Religious Sisters of Mercy Tacloban Philippines


Earlier this month, Institute Councillor, Gaye Lennon RSM led the Annual Retreat for the Religious Sisters of Mercy Tacloban Philippines.


More than 45 Religious Sisters of Mercy Tacloban Philippines, attended the Annual Retreat and General Assembly from April 2-11 in Tacloban City.


Gaye was first Sister of Mercy to lead the sisters’ annual retreat.


The theme for the retreat, was ‘Tending the Heart of Our Life – My Path of Mercy’.


As part of the retreat, Gaye asked the sisters to explore the gospel image of the servant leader and what this meant for them as sisters in the Philippines in 2018. Each day, the sisters were invited to reflect on their vows, as well as their own Congregation’s Constitution and the ISMAPNG Constitutions in light of current literature and challenges. Time was also spent undertaking art journaling, prayer and group sharing.


Following the retreat, Gaye said she was really touched by the way the sisters entered into the experience.


Welcome sign for Gaye Lennon RSM


“They really let me be at home with them and I felt like we were on the journey of Mercy together. They made me feel like they are my sisters.”


“I was very honoured and grateful to be able to share this time with them. For me it was a very rich experience,” she said.


Gaye saw the impact in Tacloban of Typhoon Yolanda, which caused massive destruction in the city and a loss of more than 6000 lives when it swept through four and a half years ago.


‘While there is still evidence of the destruction, the faith and spirit of the sisters and people is just inspiring as they continue to rebuild their lives following such extraordinary devastation,” Gaye said.


Gaye Lennon RSM (middle) with two of the Religious Sisters of Mercy Tacloban Philippines


The Religious Sisters of Mercy (Philippines) were founded in 1954 when six Irish women responded to the invitation of Bishop Lino Gonzaga to establish a foundation at Tacloban City. In 1981, the Sisters of Mercy in the Philippines were granted autonomy by the Vatican Congregation for Religious and Secular Institutes.


Religious Sisters of Mercy Tacloban Philippines on retreat


Religious Sisters of Mercy Tacloban Philippines on retreat


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