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Establishment of CRA Justice Network

The Institute is delighted and fully supportive of the establishment of CRA Justice Network which has great strength in lobbying and working at the political level to bring about justice, equity and ecological sustainability.

Religious Congregations constantly search for a structure to enhance their work to identify and address issues of injustice and have done this by working individually and through working together on particular projects. In 2010 a group of Religious Congregations met to commence a formal discussion to gauge the interest and capacity for developing such a network or structure. As a result of this meeting a working group was established and a proposal was submitted to Catholic Religious Australia (CRA) seeking support for a formal structure under CRA to Strengthen the Voice of Religious in Australia. The members of CRA enthusiastically affirmed the proposal and since that time the working group has proceeded with preparatory data collection from CRA members, including “Mapping what already exists across congregations” and nominations for members of the Reference Group.

CRA Council has appointed Sister Suzette Clark RSC as the Project Officer and all nominations for the Reference Group were accepted: Carmel Heagerty RSM, Esmey Hersovitch (Society of the Sacred Heart), Deirdre Gardiner RSM, Charles Rue SSC, Shane Wood CFC, Geraldine Kearney SGS, Carmel Hanson RSJ, Ms Michaela Guthridge (for the Sisters of the Good Shepherd). The Reference Group met with Suzette at CRA Office on Monday 6 June and have scheduled future meetings via Video Conferencing.

As the Institute of Sisters of Mercy of Australia is a member of CRA, the work of  the CRA Justice Network is supported by the Institute.

CRA Justice Network


Primary Goal

The development of a structure which will enable a united and effective voice of Religious Congregations in relation to social justice issues at both local and global levels.



That Catholic Religious in Australia will have a united and effective public voice that strategically influences public and social policy to bring about justice, equity and ecological sustainability.

Objectives (includes)

  • To provide a structure, under the auspices of CRA, that enables Catholic religious to strategically approach and influence major areas of injustice
  • To provide strategies that invite and enable participation from all religious, their associates and partners in ministry
  • To put in place processes for identifying and connecting the particular information and expertise of each congregation to contribute to a pooling of resources, skills and expertise
  • To identify and prioritise the injustices that are to be addressed
  • Provide information for critical thinking and reflection based on Catholic Social teaching and theological reflection

    Further Information about CRA Justice Network will be provided in Mercy M@tters and CRA Pathways and