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Enhancing the Mercy Global Presence in the Asia Pacific


On October 18 and 19, 2017, Mercy Leaders and Team members from the Aotearoa New Zealand, Brisbane, ISMAPNG (current and incoming teams), North Sydney, Parramatta and the Philippines Congregations/Institutes met at the Parramatta Congregation Centre, where we were hosted by Mary-Louise Petro rsm and her team.


The group was joined by Elaine Wainwright rsm, who was the International coordinator of the MIRP program in 2016, and the various Congregation MIRP coordinators: Srs Adele Howard, Valda Dickinson, Sandra Lupi, Natalie Murphy and Teresa Anderson, to explore ways in which we could ‘take the next step/s’ in exploring our understanding of Mercy Global Presence and in enhancing our Mercy Global Presence in the Asia Pacific Region.


It was a wonderful opportunity for leadership teams to meet each other, pray and reflect together and share their experiences. Using the 4 step Mercy International Reflection Process, we focussed on the issue of ‘Mercy Global Presence’ and a number of possible actions emerged from our deliberations. These included a commitment to continue the meetings in the future and the identification of a range of strategies to make Mercy Asia Pacific a reality under the umbrella of Mercy International Association.


by Annette Schneider rsm


For further information please contact:

Katrina Fabish rsm – Congregation Leader Aotearoa New Zealand
Catherine Reuter rsm – Congregation Leader Brisbane
Berneice Loch rsm – Institute Leader ISMAPNG
Loreto Conroy rsm – Congregation Leader North Sydney
Mary-Louise Petro rsm – Congregation Leader Parramatta
Marian Ladrera rsm – Superior General Philippines


Srs Annette Schneider, Mary-Louise Petro, Raylene Dwyer, and Bernadette Mansour


Srs Sally Bradley, Katrina Fabish, Patricia Bolster, and Eveline Crotty


Srs Judith Moroney, Caroline Ryan, Anna Koeneman, Rosario Abacahin, and Theresia Tina


Srs Lucy Parena, Veronica Ekerick, Marg Sheppard, Barb Bolster, and Jennifer Bailey


Srs Sue France, Margaret Jones, Loreto Conroy, Mary Pescott, and Marian Ladrera


Srs Maria Lawton, Berneice Loch, Gaye Lennon, Miriam Grech, and Angela Vergara


L-r: Srs Elaine Wainwright, Adele Howard, Valda, Teresa, Natalie, Sandra – MIRP