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‘Elo’ from the Timor Leste Mercy Associates

Alieu Mercy Associates, Timor Leste.


Mary Anne Dwyer rsm (pictured fourth from the right)  facilitates and supports the Alieu Mercy Associates group in Timor Leste.  Here she kindly shares the group’s history and their role in being a beacon of Mercy within the Timor Leste community.

Greetings people of Mercy in Australia and Papua New Guinea, we are so pleased to tell you a little about our Associate Group in Aileu, Timor Leste.


Three years ago our Associates group began. Now there are eight of us, including two single women and three married couples. Our ages range from 22 – 37 years. Our monthly times of formation have provided us with opportunities to focus and reflect on different materials including:

  • The Life and Charism of Catherine McAuley
  • Images of God
  • Mercy in Scripture
  • Methods of Praying and Contemplation
  • The Year of Mercy
  • Laudato Si (translated into Tetum).


Over a period of time we have been fortunate to collect a number of resources. These include: pictures of Mary, Mother of Mercy and Catherine McAuley, a New Testament and Laudato Si (both in Tetum), a copy of the Sucipe, Mercy Seed, Circle of Mercy plus a variety of printed materials.


Our responsibility is to prepare for significant Mercy dates. This year, two of our Associates, Anita and Victor will be our hosts for Mercy Day. Paulo has undertaken to arrange transport since to travel to their home is quite a distance.


Over the years some individual members have had contact with Sisters of Mercy. In addition our Associates group has welcomed two other Sisters. First of all Barbara Bolster rsm and then Helen White rsm. We celebrated a simple Commitment Ritual on both occasions.


During this new phase of formation, our attention is drawn to the Vision Statement and the Practices and Responsibilities of Mercy Associates, keeping in mind that Pope Francis in Laudato Si has urgently appealed to us to ‘listen to both the cry of the earth and the poor’ (LS 49) as a Gospel imperative, in our lives and Our Common Home.


Finally, it’s when we sing “Mercy Seed” that we are so well reminded of our MERCY BEGINNINGS.

… ‘A little seed was planted and it began to grow
And the sower’s name was Catherine
…So remember from this little seedling
You’re a branch on this great tree’.


We the Aileu group of Associates in Timor Leste are very proud to be a part of the Mercy Story and so delighted to be alongside each of you ‘on this great tree’.


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27 April 2017