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Discovering the Wonder of the Star of the Sea Guest House

On retreat at the beautiful Star of the Sea


The Star Of The Sea Guesthouse in Apollo Bay is a place of peacefulness that captures the hearts of all who stay there. Here is a testimony from one of the lovely people who use our facilities for retreats.


The Star Of The Sea Guesthouse in Apollo Bay is a place of peacefulness that captures the hearts of all who stay there.  Twice this year I’ve taken groups to Apollo Bay for wellness retreats and I love to watch my guests reactions when they step foot on this lovely property!  From the expansive back yard, the vista of of green hills, grazing cattle and a meandering river always evokes ‘oooohs’ and ‘ahhhhs’ from the visitors!


Nature provides a frame of quiet beauty and awe at The Star Of The Sea.  The unique setting allows guests to relax, heal and be inspired.  This is why I chose this location for my health retreats this year.


My first group included 14 ladies of all ages getting away from the city for a long weekend of yoga, meditation, vibrant foods and nature walks.  We had gorgeous summer weather so we were able to enjoy the back deck for meals and the shady tress in the back lawn provided a tranquil setting for philosophy discussions and meditation.


A few weeks later my second group arrived for 5 days of fun festivities!  These guests were young adults with disabilities who came to learn about health and habits of happiness.  They explored the nearby area by sea and land!  We enjoyed a boat cruise to Seal Rock and went for many walks in the rainforest and on the beach.  One of the guest, Savannah wrote  . . .

“I had heaps of fun being with my friends at Apollo Bay!  I was very, very excited to stay there and do lots fun things!  I got to play cards and pool in the games room and every morning and night we do yoga or just relax with music. We ate yum food that was healthy and turned off our phones. I was good at walking heaps and did fun games on the beach. Sometimes we talked about how to be good friends sometimes we hugged and we cheered for each other and laughing lots.   The last night was the most fun we played lawn games and had dance party on the deck.  I want go back there again and I hope I can.”


We indeed plan to go back again next year as the facilities are wonderful and the atmosphere of The Star of The Sea is truly serene.  I feel confident that anyone I bring to this place will be instantly charmed.


I’d like to thank the Sisters of Mercy for having the vision to create a home where people can go to get closer to nature and, therefore, closer to God.  In this seaside haven I’ve witnessed that people have the opportunity to reconnect to themselves and each other in a profound way.  As a yoga teacher I’ve learned that sometimes the best way to help a person is to simply hold the space for them to find their own inner light.


Namaste means ‘I see the light in you and I bow to you’. The vision behind  The Star Of The Sea Guesthouse is a true reflection of Namaste.


In peace and health,


Joan Coots
Yoga Teacher, Disability Worker & Wellness Educator


Yoga in the garden at Star of the Sea


On retreat at Star of the Sea



Taking some time out at Star of the Sea


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