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Daniel leaves lasting impressions at Wirlinga Pony Club

Daniel checking in on Voodoo and Mouse with Scartlett, Charlotte and Russell from Wirlinga Pony Club


Every second Sunday Daniel wakes up excited as he knows it is the day that he gets to go to Wirlinga Pony Club. Daniel has been visiting the Wirlinga Pony Club since March of this year and is graciously taken there by Mercy Connect staff members Helen and Barry.

Wirlinga Pony Club is a local club based in Table Top NSW, not too far from Daniel’s home. It encourages riders of all abilities and ages to come and attend its club activities and rally days.
Helen speaks very highly of the club, “Daniel can be quite vocal but his acceptance from all adults and children is just amazing. He is one of them.”
One gentlemen who has been very accommodating with Daniel is Russell. Russell is very special to Daniel and Mercy Connect. As Helen signs to Daniel, Russell follows and does the same, learning along the way.


Daniel checking on Voodoo with Helen (MercyConnect) and Charlotte (WirlingaPonyClub)


Wirlinga Pony Club have an enrolment of many local kids who attend and despite their age, they’ve been really good with Daniel hanging around the club facilities. They treat him as if he were the same as them. Russell and the other parents at the club have commented on a number of visits how wonderful it is for their kids to have Daniel join them every second Sunday, and how the kids have learnt to appreciate what they have.

Helen and Barry, and the team are so excited for Daniel and the opportunities open for him and others to experience this inclusion into Wirlinga Pony Club.

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